What Exactly Is Local SEO?

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Local Seo

Local SEO is the process of gaining extra visibility for your website, or a page on your website, in a search engines unpaid results (without using advertising).

This is often referred to as organic or ‘natural’ traffic in search results.

Optimising your business website will attract more clients or customers via the search engines, such as Google or Bing, if done correctly.

People are always searching for businesses on the internet, whether they want a stain removing from their carpet, or they need a window cleaner,  so placing your business prominently on the first page can be advantageous!

So, how do you get your business to appear first when people search for a keyword, such as ‘dog grooming in Exeter’ or a ‘mobile hairdresser’ ?

There are many steps that can be done to achieve this.

Top of the list has to be adding your business to a feature called ‘Google By Business’.

Snap Turtle Local SEO Exeter
An example Google My Business Listing for Snap Turtle

This gives people a snippet of your business information such as address, contat number, email and most importantly – your website address!

Try Googling your business name and see what results are thrown up?

Maps also play an important part of getting your business noticed.

How often have you been driving and you need to find a car wash, or you’re out shopping and you want to find somewhere to go to lunch?

Local SEO isn’t daunting – in fact it plays a small part in the steps you can take to get your business discovered.

Other SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques are equally as important.

Can your website be viewed on mobile correctly?

Nobody is going to hang around if your website looks rubbish!

Another really good tool to get your website listed highly is to carry out some light keyword research for your business.

What we mean by this is tailoring the content on your website to match important search terms.

An example would be, say your are a plumber based in Exeter and your website is good, you have a  great Google My Business listing but clients still aren’t picking the phone to you.

Whats going wrong?

Well, people may type a specific phrase into Google such as ‘Emergency Plumber in Exeter’ or ‘Fix My Blocked Drain’.

emergency plumbers exeter
If you look to the right, Google has suggested what keywords people are searching for!

If you can base content around these keywords – Google may place your website or page higher than other plumbers in your area.

This isn’t guaranteed – but if a customer can visit your website and knows that you can be called in an emergency, or that you have no problem taking a look at the drain, thats more business than perhaps you wouldn’t of had!

Snap Turtle have a great record of combining Local SEO with a mobile-friendly website design, and creating content that rocks!

If you would like a FREE website consultation, or want to discuss local SEO in Exeter further, plesae contact us below.

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